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stove_flamesYour Safety is Our Priority

When it comes to propane, Oklahoma has strictly enforced safety regulations. At Froman Propane, we take safety just as seriously. The safety of your family and business is our top priority. Propane is a safe, effective and efficient fuel. Like any energy source, however, propane requires propane care to operate equipment safely.

In Case of Emergency

If you smell gas in your home or have an emergency, the first thing to do is extinguish all flames and smoking materials. Do NOT try to light anything in the home, including cigarettes. Get outside with your family, and call us immediately. We have an after-hours answering service that will forward you to a company representative. We are available 24/7, so call 918-341-4434 in the chance of an emergency. If you cannot reach us, dial 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the links below for more safety tips and information about your system or check out our safety data sheets.

If you have more questions about your system or oil and propane safety information, please email or contact us through our website.