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Welcome Centergas Grand Lake Customers!

Down Home Service Uptown Approach Froman Propane Co is proud to announce the acquisition of Centergas Grand Lake customers! First and foremost, we want to welcome you to the Froman Propane Companies family! With winter weather upon us, we know reliability takes priority for our customers. In anticipation of this transition, our team has been […]

Monthly Budget Plan Open!

Take control of your energy bills. Don’t let unpredictable weather or changing energy markets leave you guessing whether you will be able to pay your propane bill. The budget program offers a predictable monthly payment over 11 months to cover the cost of your propane. Your payment amount is based on your propane consumption for […]

Business of the Month | Claremore, OK

What a great honor it is to be chosen by the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce business of the month in Claremore, OK! A lot has changed since 1962 when Bob and Donna opened the first full-service filling station. Here’s a little bit about our history! In 1962, Bob and Donna Froman decided to put […]

Preparing for Winter

Between dinners and driving and parties and presents, the holidays can get pretty pricey. That’s why higher energy bills for heating our Northeast Oklahoma homes is something we would love to avoid, or at least minimize. Here’s five tips to keep your energy and feel comfortable at home. Get a tune-up of your heating system. Want to keep […]

Providers Team Up To Deliver Propane Excellence To Locust Grove

June 05, 2020 – Locust Grove, Oklahoma    Froman Oil & Propane Company and Downing Propane & Oil Co., two-long standing oil & propane service providers are merging to combine their industry experience and resources to deliver customer service excellence and greater oil & propane services to the Locust Grove area. Regan Downing, previous owner of Downing […]

Residential Propane Tips

Have you ever wondered if there exists an energy source that is clean, efficient, and can be found in abundant supply? Well, there is. It’s called propane. Let’s discuss the basics of propane, how it’s used, how you can ensure your safety when using it as well as a few tips for the winter. Residential […]

Propane Generators for All Seasons and Activities

Buying a generator is almost a requirement for those people that live in remote areas. It is also a must-have if you are living off the grid. Choosing the right generator depends on where you live and the requirements of your rv, home or space. There are a couple of different things to consider when […]

RVing and Propane: The Road to Freedom

Also known as “LP” for liquid petroleum, or “LPG” for liquid petroleum gas, the uses for propane in an RV are many; this multi-purpose gas can enable the intrepid RVer to venture outside the confines of a full hookup RV park. If you want to “dry camp” or “boondock”, an RV equipped with a propane […]

Tips For Keeping Your Gas Grill And Propane Tank Safe This Summer

Propane Safety Propane safety is critical for enjoying grilling throughout the summer. The best way to remain safe is by following the tips defined below. Propane Tank Inspection If you are still new to caring for your propane tank, have your gas grill inspected shortly before the summer begins. A professional has the experience to […]

Finding the Best Tools For Propane Grill Cooking

For people who like to use an outdoor propane grill for their food festivities, understanding all the options and grilling enhancement strategies can make a significant difference in the outcome of the food. Much has changed in the world of grilling in the last few decades. Many of the modern propane grills have a wide […]