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Full Propane Installations

Our dedicated service teams do full propane installations on our propane tanks. We handle everything, including setting the tank of your choice, installing the gas lines, installing the propane regulators based on your btu needs, doing the final leak test, delivering the gas and finally, lighting the appliances. We have tanks in all sizes, both above and underground, at our facility ready to be installed.

Quality Tanks

When building your new home, let us help you find the perfect tank for your house. Froman Oil & Propane Co. sells and installs quality propane tanks to power all your home needs. Our propane tank sizes range from 250 to 1,000 gallons. We carry several types of tanks for rent, sale or lease to own, including above and underground tanks.

We also have several rebates available for energy-efficient homes. To get a receive a quote on a tank or to learn more about propane for your home, contact us today!