Proudly serving the Oil and Propane needs of northeast Oklahoma


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Fuel Deliveries

Froman Oil Co is one of the largest suppliers of gasoline and diesel products in Northeast Oklahoma, offering a variety of bulk fuels. Not only do we provide flexible delivery sizes, we also offer a hassle-free delivery with highly experienced drivers and on-site efficiency that keeps your fuel stocked and your business moving forward.
We offer all fuels for bulk delivery whether you need gasoline, clear or red diesel or kerosene. We put Lubriformance Additive in all our diesel fuels to offer you increased efficiency of your fuel and to avoid anti-gel in the winter.
We also supply a variety of oils to keep all your machines up and running. From a quart to a drum, we offer many oils. We can also order many specialty oils. Click here to order fuel or oil from Froman!

froman (14)24/7 Pump Availability

Our 24 hour pumps are available with a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or one of our in-house pump cards. We carry ethanol-free unleaded at our pumps, which is safer for your vehicles, lawnmowers, and equipment.
Dyed Diesel Fuel for Off Road use is available at our pumps, as well as dual high flow Clear Diesel pumps for dump trucks and semi-trucks. Our pumps are easy to access with ample room for 18 wheelers to maneuver easily.

Available Oils

Whether you need oil for your farm equipment or your large construction equipment, we have many oils available on hand. We carry many engine oils, transmission fluids, and oils in 5 gallon and drum sizes.
If we do not have the specific oil you need in stock, we will check to see about ordering it for you! Need to know if we have your oil in stock? Submit the form below or contact us today!

Is My Oil in Stock?