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Langley, OK 74350

chris_fuel | LangleySafe, Professional Delivery & Installation

Froman Propane at Langley offers safe, professional propane delivery, equipment installation and service, and expert repairs. We can offer convenient automatic propane delivery in the Grand Lake Area to your home or your business, and we encourage you to ask about our budget payment plan.

Our Lake Area propane prices are always competitive.

Langley, OK Cylinder Refill

Go to your local Walker’s Hardware and Lumber at the Hwy 28 & 82 Junction in Langley, OK to get your bottles filled. From your grill bottle to your 100# cylinder for heating, they can fill both at their dispenser.

The Most Versatile Fuel

Propane is a most versatile fuel; you can use it to heat your home, cook your food and dry your clothes. Millions or people use it for backyard barbecues or to heat their pools.

It’s also a popular fuel choice for whole-house emergency backup generators.

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