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Propane Grill Safety

It's time to fire up the propane grill for National Grill Month. There is nothing better than grilling in the summertime whether at the lake or at your home as long as you do it safely. Safety should always be a top concern when operating propane grills or any other propane equipment.

These tips will keep your family safe when operating a propane grill.

About the Bottle

Have you ever went home with your full propane cylinder and hooked it to your grill and you can't get propane to come out. The cylinder has an OPD (Overfill Protective Device) Valve and if too much propane tries to go through it at once, it will shut off. Here are some steps to reset the valve:

  • Turn off the bottle and unhook it from your grill, and let it set for 2-3 minutes so it will reset the valve.
  • Hook the bottle back up to the grill, making sure your connections are tight.
  • Then slowly turn the valve on and it should be reset.

Before Lighting the Grill

  • Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions before turning on and lighting your propane grill for the first time. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, which supersede any guidelines shown here!
  • Choose a well-ventilated area for your grill, such as a patio or driveway. Do not grill indoors.
  • Turn all knobs to the "off" position before opening the lid or valves
  • Open the grill lid to release any trapped propane vapors before starting the grill.
  • Always keep the top open when lighting the grill. Do not close it until the grill is lit.propane grill
  • Always turn the propane cylinder valve slowly to start gas flow.
  • Ignite the burners that are closest to the gas flow first (if your ignition source is to the far right of the grill, for example, turn on the burner that is farther to the right first).
  • If the grill doesn't light, keep the grill lid open and turn off the gas valve to clear away fumes before trying again.

Once the Grill is Lit

  • Keep pets and children away from the grill while it is lit
  • Burn off residual grease from the grill before adding new foods
  • The lid may be closed once the grill is lit
  • Stay close to the grill and keep it in sight at all time once it is lit

residential2Shutting Down the Propane Grill

  • Shut off the control knobs first, then turn off the tank
  • Allow the grill to cool before returning the grill cover

Safely Storing Extra Tanks

  • If you plan to store a spare tank for emergencies, choose a well-ventilated outdoor location. Do not store extra propane tanks in your home, garage, or shed
  • Choose a flat, low-traffic location with a solid, non-flammable surface (like concrete). Avoid storing tanks on surfaces that gather moisture (such as grass or dirt) to prevent tank rust
  • Keep the tank upright at all times to ensure that the relief valve can remain functional
  • Make sure the valve is closed when storing the propane tank
  • Keep the tank away from heat sources

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