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Residential Propane Tips

Have you ever wondered if there exists an energy source that is clean, efficient, and can be found in abundant supply? Well, there is. It’s called propane. Let’s discuss the basics of propane, how it’s used, how you can ensure your safety when using it as well as a few tips for the winter.

Residential Propane Basics

Propane is a substance that’s produced from both crude oil refining and natural gas processing. It’s typically compressed and then stored as a liquid. It’s colorless and odorless. And while it’s nontoxic, an identifying odor can be added to it so that it’s easier to detect in the atmosphere.

There are several key benefits to using propane. First, it’s extremely clean. When it’s used as a substitute for other fuels such as oil and gasoline it can help to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that’s released into the air. This is great for protecting the environment and cutting down on pollution.

Another benefit is that it’s abundant. The United States is known as the world’s leading producer of propane. This means that there’s always more than enough to meet your needs as it can be easily found.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using propane is that it’s very cost-effective. While the prices of oil and fuel are ever-increasing, propane doesn’t present the same issue. This is because domestic propane production is always growing. And this makes it more affordable in comparison to traditional fuel.

Uses for Propane

Propane is used for a large range of things including fuel for engine applications like farm irrigation, fleet vehicles, forklifts, and buses. However, while technology is constantly improving and there are new uses for this gas every day, it’s most known for its residential use. Take a look:

Central Heating

This gas can be used as central heating for your home. In fact, it can ensure that your heating unit is more reliable in freezing temperatures. There are also a lot of options that come with propane such as gas packs, furnaces, and hybrid heating.


Propane is one of the most popular energy sources for cooking appliances. One of the best parts about using this gas for cooking is that the oven tends to heat up quickly. Not only that, but you have more control over the temperature. This isn’t the case with electric ovens or burners.

Water Heating

This gas can be used to heat the water in your home. And the good news is, it can power both traditional and tankless water heaters. As is the case with cooking, propane ensures that your water heats up very quickly. This can be extremely convenient.

Outdoor Lighting

Not only can propane provide heat, but it can also provide light. The light that it emits is often compared to the warm glow of an open flame. Outdoor lights that are powered by propane can be turned off and on with just a flip of the switch. They can also be programmed according to an automatic timer.


Perhaps the most popular and commonly known use for propane is when grilling. Propane grills heat up faster and they’re not as messy as charcoal. This makes cleanup much easier. Also, they produce less smoke so you’re able to better preserve the food’s natural flavors. When it comes to safety, these grills are much easier to control.

Back-up Power

Whenever you experience a power outage, a propane generator can ensure that you’re still able to use your most essential appliances. And this can be extremely helpful in times of emergencies.



As you can see, propane can be very convenient. However, while propane can be extremely useful there are still a few things that you need to be aware of when it comes to safety. Here are a few helpful tips:

Don’t DIY. If you’re interested in getting a tank installed, inspected, maintained, serviced or repaired it’s always a good idea to leave it to the professionals. Never attempt to do any of these tasks on your own as you may not be aware of the best practices and safety measures.

Get Rid of Debris. If you want to make sure that the gases are able to flow freely outdoors then it’s important that the space around it is completely free of clutter and debris. This is especially the case when it comes to things such as bird’s nests, insects, shrubbery, and dirt piles.

Get Older Connectors Inspected. If you own older appliances, then there’s always a chance that their connectors may break or even crack. And this can easily lead to a gas leak. So if your appliances are over 20 years old, have a technicial to inspect your connectors.

Store flammable products away from propane appliances. Keep in mind that the vapors from things such as paint thinners and gasoline are very flammable. When the pilot light of your propane appliance is ignited it can be a serious fire hazard. So don’t store items like these near your appliances.

Propane Winter Tips

As winter approaches, it’s a good idea to start preparing your home. The good news is that the process is rather simple and straight-forward. All it takes is a few steps to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable throughout the entire season.

First, you need to have your tank refilled. Never wait until the temperatures become too extreme. An early refill will ensure that there is enough to last you the rest of the winter. So make sure that you order in advance. Some companies even offer the option of automatic refills and scheduled visits throughout the winter season to ensure that you have enough.

Next, check all of your appliances and make sure that they’re running efficiently. Enlist the help of a qualified technician to inspect your appliances as well as your propane system. The efficiency of your appliances will have a huge impact on how much fuel you conserve, the amount of money you save, and how many repairs you may need.

You should also install a programmable thermostat. You can save as much as 10 percent each year on your heating costs if you use a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat will give you the ability to control the temperature while you’re sleeping or away from home.


Propane can be extremely convenient. This is especially the case when it comes to residential use. The key is to make sure that you’re aware of the most important safety tips.

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